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Wouldn't it be nice to actually be able to talk to the person who bred the koi you just purchased - in English? To learn the koi's actual age, to learn more about the characteristics of the parents, and to get an informed idea as to how this koi will develop, the type of care it needs, and what to expect from it as it grows.

Information on your new Koi is offered to you in English and is accurate at Lotus Land Koi Farm. All of our koi are bred on our premises and are bred only from proven Japanese bloodlines. We know our koi - and can tell you what to expect from them! http://www.lotuslandkoifarm.com

At Lotus Land Koi Farm we breed Matsunosuke and Sadazo type Sankes, and Yagozen, Manzo, Tomoin, and Sensuke type Kohakus, as well as some powerful Showas with an influence of Kobayashi. Our Showa parents are from Takeda. Our Sanke & Kohaku parents are from Sakai Yamamatsu (Matsunosuke), Dainichi (bred by Mano, not brokered), and a few select other well known Koi breeders. We also keep Yamabuki Ogons, Chagoi, Ochiba Shigure, Soragoi, Bekko, Kujaku, and Utsuri on hand in smaller quantities..

Since we are a Koi Farm, you will notice our prices are a good bit lower than many Koi Dealers - because we don't have any importing or brokering fees to pay. You’ll also notice that the quality of our Koi is a good bit higher than many dealers - because you are buying high quality Koi direct from the breeder. You only have to glance at our photos to see that our Koi are strong and healthy, the quality is high, and the patterns are exciting. Buying direct from the breeder means you can get the best Koi and no longer have to choose from Koi that have been picked over by other brokers and dealers. It's like buying fruit fresh from the farm!

Buying direct from the breeder also means you will know the exact age of your Koi and at what stage of development the Koi is in. See the series of articles on "Koi Development" for more information on this. Most of our Koi are young and unfinished (they haven't been fed color enhancers and haven't been forced into "finishing" for a quick sale), so you get to enjoy watching your new Koi develop and have a hand in its completion. That's where the excitement is!

Lotus Land Koi Farm is a self contained facility - We do not import koi from other countries - which means we do not import diseases from other countries. Our koi are bred in America and are suited to American conditions. We are also working hard to breed a larger stronger Gosanke that is more resistant to common koi diseases. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

We have grades and price ranges to fit every hobbyist's needs, so give us a call (1-704-242-2872) We also offer the Koi Fixx Magazine on DVD's that contains hours of Koi shows, pond tours, tips and plenty of video here on the farm.

Consider selecting one of the Koi fish packages listed below for outstanding value from Lotus Koi Farm. They will be hand selected by us and shipped directly to your door.

* The Pond Pack fish will be similar to size and colors shown, yet are not the actual fish in the pictures.

Each Dealer verifies content on this page, creates the pond packs and prices with a sample photo of fish in round blue tub for each pond pack - Please provie details and images back to SkagiTek

Basic 4 Koi Color Pack Select 5-Koi Pack Premier 5-Koi Pack
4 Koi (Ranging 4 - 7 inches)*
5 Koi (Ranging 5 - 7 inches)
Asagi Or Kujaku
Yamabuki Ogon
5 Koi (Ranging 6 - 9 inches)
Asagi Or Kujaku
Yamabuki Ogon Or
Platinum Ogon
$295 + SH $495 + SH $673 + SH

To order any of the above packages, call 1-704-242-2872 and mention the Discount Code: SkagiTek and the name of the package you are interested in. Example: Premier 5-A-PIK, for 5 Koi ranging 6 - 9 inches.


CUSTOM ORDERS: You can call 1-704-242-2872 and order any number of fish at sizes that they have available and use the Discount Code: SkagiTek to receive a special price. When ordering a custom selection, we will still offer you some Free Food and the Koi Collectors Pocket Guide. However, the minimum purchase required to receive them is the lowest price of the above packages shown.

Requirements to receive the Food and Koi Collector's Pocket Guide after your purchase.

To receive the free food and the Koi Collector's Pocket Guide, you must FAX a copy of your sales receipt to SkagiTek FAX 360 588-0591


All Koi are shipped in either cardboard box, or durable hard shell plastic containers via Delta Dash to your nearest Delta Stop. Packing & shipping fees are generally $70 to $90 for air freight. We can also ship small orders of small Koi via U.S. Mail Overnight. Shipping fee for this is generally $40 per box. If you see a Koi you like please call us to make purchase arrangements. We accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and personal checks. If you have questions please e-mail us and we will respond quickly. Our featured Koi are updated weekly - so please check back often. *** Also call or e-mail to set up an appointment to come and visit us at the farm and see our Koi up close and in person. If you are flying in we can pick you up at the airport. ***

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